LOVERBABIES is an ongoing anthology of video work created by Clarissa Rose Peppers & Nick Hay. Concieved as a representation of the life that they share together with their young son, the collection investigates a dialogue between two artists collaborating in artmaking as they do domestically; in love. Ranging from only a few seconds to several minutes in length, the individual videos present instances of cooperation & opposition, affection & disdain, as well as attraction & repulsion. When viewed alongside each other as a group, the work looks at the dicotomies that are inherent in every intimate relationship and that, at times, result in tangible outcomes not unlike the process of art-making.

STARTED IN 2015, Loverbabies has been exhibited nationwide in Nashville, TN, New York City, NY, and Miami, Fl. Stay tuned to this website for upcoming exhibition details. Please navigate using the numbers below to explore writings, audio, and imagery from each of the videos. If you get the chance, attend a Loverbabies exhibition to experience the work first hand. Love you.

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